into the woods...
Seasonal cycle

In previous times, we were used to live

by the seasons

Celebrations were punctuating this natural cycle.
A lot of today’s festivities have an old pagan ancestor. Religion, especially christianity, and colonization took control and transformed these traditional celebrations.
When I decided some years ago to reconnect with these traditions, I learned about the “Wheel of the year” and old pagan celebrations.

Living in Aotearoa in the South hemisphere for several years, I’m also learning about Māori traditions.

Today I try to create my own traditions, following the seasons and observing Nature where I live, mixing traditions from my roots and where I live, from family, cities and country of France, Europe, Aotearoa…

I like folklore, legends and stories, but I’m not a believer, nor into new age stuff. I’m more into walking in nature to observe and feel it, into creating some magical and cosy atmosphere and memories into my home and my family life, following the seasons.

This is what I’m sharing here with you.

following the
“wheel of the year”