into the woods...

Summer is coming

Spring is at its peak.
The Sun and the air are getting warmer.
After having clothed a green dress, Nature is adorned with flowers, like hawthorn, clematis, lilac, lily of the valley, marigold, borage, daisy, buttercup, wisteria… and we can hear the flight of the bumblebee among bird concert.
The fertile garden is offering lettuce, radishes, first carrots, sweet peas and broad beans.

The nature is vibrant again, full of flowers, bees, birds building their nest and first fresh fruit and veggies, the sun warming our skin.

We can store our Winter clothes and warm boots, and bring out our Summer wardrobe.

This is a good time to celebrate love and joy.
A good time to make commitments, engagement, hand fasting and wedding.

We can feel the sap and the energy, in the plants but also in our body!

Love is in the air!

Ideas to decor my home and backyard

Colours: white, pink, red, green, yellow, orange, lilac.

Artworks, pictures and symbols of flowers, fire, trees, love, swallow bird, fairies, elves, Little People.

Bouquets, wreath and decor with fading flowers and branches from pruning.

Hanging strips of clothes or fabrics, or ribbons, healing plants bouquets, fading flowers, in the trees.


To celebrate we can

Watch the sun rising.

Clean our face with morning dew.

Do sun salutation.

Wear floral and/or green clothes and jewellery.

Take a first sea bathing.

Put flowers in our hair.

Plant flowers and a tree.

Harvest the first plants in the garden, for cooking or healing.

Create and take care of a little fairy garden.

Organize a picnic.

Put fading flowers in rivers and streams, springs or ocean.

Walk in nature, visit our favourite trees in the forest.

Weave and knit (bracelets, baskets, home decor, clothes…).

Go to a fair, a festival, a market.

Help someone.

Make masks with leaves.

Light a fire to celebrate the return of light and the incoming Summer heat.

Walk with torches.

Organize a party.

Play music.

Dance around the fire.

Have a night walk, party or game in a forest.

Make love and explore our sexuality!

Ideas to have a feast

Oat, nuts, grain.

Asparagus, strawberries, edible flowers.


Vegan dairy and ice cream.

Cakes, fairy cakes.

Spices, vanilla.

Some traditional landmarks

Labour Day

The 4th Monday of October in Aotearoa.

The 1st of May in France, UK and a lot of countries.


Halfway between the Spring equinox and the Summer solstice.

This year, in the North hemisphere (Western Europe) :
the 5th of May 2023.

In the South hemisphere (Aotearoa) :
the 7th of November 2022..


There are a lot of festivals perpetuated during this period.

Like May Eve and May Day or 1st of May festival, Flowers festivals, Mid-Spring festivals…

Māori wisdom


Elaeocarpus dentatus, a tree with little white bells flowers.

If the hinau is interwoven, this is a sign of fertility.

Tī kōuka

Cordyline australis, “cabbage tree”, kind of palm tree.

If the tī kōuka is flowering well, Summer will be long and beautiful.